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1. About TLC Information Services

TLC Information Services was founded in 1994 with the purpose to provide valuable information to its clients and the public. It started out as an information research service then expanded into Internet automated intelligent search service, MWSearch, and other Internet services including, Magic Information Card,  E-Commerce Portal, Magic Marketing, Headutainment Games including Scammble Word Games and other educational games, Click and Call Directory and other Internet Telephony Applications and Solutions as well as educational TV Show - Scrammble Game Show nick named Dr. Wordman Show. Currently, these products and services are organized as subsidiaries of TLC Information Services. A number of them are briefly introduced below with web links to other related TLC information services; for individual service and company information, please visit the corresponding web sites listed above or below.

2. Medical World Search ( MWSearch ) 

The twentieth century brought on the information explosion and the Internet has extended the information age to the twenty first century with an impact that is beyond measure and expectation. Information is critical in every day life from traffic jam to economic crisis. Information is vital in every domain of businesses. 

For each individual or family, one can not over emphasize the importance of keeping abreast of the overwhelming information explosion in the various medium especially the world wide web. The most important information domains to any individual can be categorized as follows 

  • Health/medical 
  • Finance/investment 
  • Education 
  • Career and job 
  • Marriage, family planning and raising children
  • Social interaction and entertainment
  • Many Others

The above list can be much longer and can be subjective. For example, religion, taxes, environments, etc. are also important information domains. TLC Information services sets its goal to provide valuable information on all important information domains with intelligence rather than being non-discriminative. TLC IS' first effort was focused on developing and providing an intelligent medical world search engine. The methodology of using domain thesaurus and proprietary intelligent search can be applied to the other information domains. TLC Information Services welcomes partners to engage in the development and provision of intelligent information in the various domains.

As a reference to TLC Information Services' achievement, the Medical World Search service, MWSearch, is the world's first intelligent medical search engine. It understands medical concepts and thesaurus so that queries can be intelligently expanded to find more relevant and deeper medical and health knowledge from the vast amount of health and medical information (15% of the web pages are health and medical related). MWSearch also can crawl the web and index the most relevant medial web sites and produce condensed and relevant information digest as a public service. MWSearch as an automated search tool has served the public since 1996. TLC Information Services is very proud of the compliments it received from its member users over the years.

3. Magic Information Card and Mi-Card Development Process

Mi-Card is a patent pending product based on a number of mature technologies integrated to offer an optimum information and communication medium. The information subject matter is organized to take advantage of the technologies offered by the high-capacity, portable, multimedia and inexpensive information storage media. Mi-card avoids the pitfalls of overwhelming websites with information tailored to a diversity of audience making navigation difficult, frustrating and unfocused. Mi-Card technology is suitable for many applications including web archive, information calling card, persistent publication and interactive marketing and sales promotion card.

Using the information card as an example, Mi-Card is based on the optical storage medium and utilizes the Internet telephony technology,, to serve the purpose of a calling card containing the following features:

    i. Information Content in the format of HTML (web pages), hence hyper linked for easy browsing.
    ii. Information organized as easily readable continuous digest form with live web links for additional supplemental reading but not as random links appearing to readers.
    iii. A web to phone and web to PC calling software is included in the Mi-Card to support interactive information exchange. 
    iv. Relevant phone numbers are imbedded in the content to allow readers to click and call the number and talk to a live knowledgeable person.
    v. A phone directory is assembled to contain all relevant phone numbers to the subject matter for the readers as a valuable utility tool.
    vi. Mi-Card is designed in the size and shape like a credit card, hence can be easily carried in a wallet, automatically launched from an ordinary PC CD drive and shared with friends in a gathering even without the Internet access (the calling feature does require Internet link)

4. Internet E-Commerce Voice Solution

The Internet has revolutionized many industries in their business processes. One of the most important element in business is verbal communication to resolve issues and complete business deals. The traditional telecom solution, the phone services, is obsolete in view of the Internet technologies and applications that are now made available to the public, often at no cost. Hence the Internet voice solution must embrace the advances and yet fulfill the requirements of many the traditional business processes in marketing, sales and customer relations. (Internet Phone Operations to Your Business) is a simple solution to meet the demands of many interactive business processes measured by its timely and effective communication tools imbedded in the marketing, sales and customer relation endeavors. The e-commerce voice solution and its patents are available for licensing. One application is demonstrated as

5. Internet Telephony Application

As a demonstration of the power and versatility of the IPO2U solution, a public web site is constructed to offer the Internet telephony solution to college students on campuses. No cost Voice Application integrated with other communication tools such as messaging, chat, email and conferencing serve as a power communication portal which can be set up on any computer without dependence on any complicated and expensive telecommunication infrastructure and equipments. Codecphone is such a demonstration site in operation since year 2001.

The Codecphone application can be supported with the Mi-Card solution by offering every user a Codecphone imbedded calling card. The features of this calling card include

  • Callable Phone Directory with CodecPhone Calling Software Enabled. Each listed phone number is a ClickCall e800 number.
  • CodecPhone is based on the calling software, I-Phone, developed by IPO2U.COM
  • For example, all 42 states' College Savings Plans 800 numbers are compiled as one convenient e800 directory.
  • Marketing information tailored to the college users are provided, some with dynamic link to be seasonally updatable.

6. E-800 and Click and Call Directory for Businesses

e800 Directory is an active Click & Call directory making 800 numbers callable from anywhere in the world through Internet. This solution extends the power of 800 number without incurring any charges. Try an example and then get your 800 numbers listed in an e800 Directory.

i800 Solution is a powerful e-commerce voice solution enabling any phone number to be callable from anywhere on the Internet. An i800 Directory consists of phone listing represented by an i800 icon which can be clicked and called from a web page or from any PC connected to the Internet.  You can place an i800 icon on your WebPages to represent your i800 numbers for your customers to click and call.

Please visit the above web sites and contact our staff if you are interested in these powerful solutions.

7. Online Shopping Mart for Collective and Value Marketing sponsored by Medical World Search is perhaps the world's most comprehensive online shopping site consisting of 22 categories and 19 pavilions bringing you hundreds of thousands brand name products offered by selected reputable manufacturers, department stores and specialty retailers. The concept of collective marketing is applied to render OSMart the most cost effective shopping portal for merchants. The concept of value marketing is practiced to provide OSMart shoppers the most pleasant shopping experience saving time and money in making purchases. An OSMart Mi-Card in the form of a wallet sized CD is available free to shoppers so they can carry it and use it at anywhere. The update links on OSMart CD are constantly maintained to present the seasonal sales opportunities from merchants to shoppers.   

8. The First Comprehensive Online Teaching and Learning Platform was the first Internet education platform developed at Polytechnic University with Internet technology innovation and In-depth pedagogical research at its core. The system contains course authoring tools for producing web based lecture notes, teaching/learning tools such as discussion forum, homework and test modules as well as communication tools including email, chat and Internet telephony based on the I-Phone technology for an effective distanceless learning delivery system. The system is available to non-profit educational institutions or organizations for research and teaching purposes. 

Private equity firms are welcome to invest in this system to make a contribution to the education field by offering an efficient and value packed education platform tailored for low-cost teaching, efficient learning, content production and support in high-value learning courseware and effective learning assessment via tests and exams.    

9. Headutainment Games for Health and Education

Scrammble Games created by Dr. Ifay Chang was introduced to the public by Medical World Search, both as educational games as well as games for stimulating and maintaining brain health. Hence these games are categorized as Headutainment Games. (Health, Education and Entertainment) More than two dozen interesting word games have been created based on the 'Scrammble Process', a brain stimulating process. An annual tournament as well as a weekly Scrammble Game Show on TV are gaining popularity with time. This community grass-root effort is making significant progress in developing good learning habits in K-12 students and healthy family bonding with the Scrammble Games.

10. Public Web Sites Related to TLC Information Services

TLC Information Services performs many voluntary public services utilizing some of its websites. For instance, maintains an education and local school board information site The following websites are maintained by TLC Information Services.

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